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Crystallography is the science that looks at precious stones, which can be discovered wherever in nature from salt to snowflakes to gemstones. Crystallographers utilize the properties and inward structures of precious stones to decide the course of action of molecules and produce learning that is utilized by scientific experts, physicists, scholars, and others. The exploration territory propelled crystallography contains various testing and imperative strategies that empower us to find propelled insights around a few precious stone structures. A portion of the techniques that are utilized are high weight crystallography, electron thickness ponders, photograph crystallography, and the investigation of intermolecular cooperations. The strategies associate the hypothesis with training which enhance our comprehension in how structures are fabricated and why a particular material have certain properties. Later on it might be conceivable to foresee how a material that isn't at any point arranged carries on; from its solidness to properties.

Sorts of crystallography-

             Electron Crystallography

             Crystallography of Novel Materials

             Advanced Crystallography

             Chemical Crystallography

             Applications for Crystallography

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